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The dream of homeownership shouldn’t have to wait.

The Willow Bend Pay it Forward program is designed to bring the dream of homeownership within reach for our neighbors with a broad range of income levels.

Our Pay it Forward program offers assistance for homebuyers at income levels lower than 80% of Northwest Arkansas’ median family income through reduced purchase prices and a shared equity program that can remove many of the typical worries and obstacles to homeownership while still allowing you to build equity in your new home.

What monthly mortgage payment works for you?

A mortgage lender can help you determine the loan amount you qualify for based on your personal finances. You may use a lender of your choice or we can help you find the right one.  Based on your pre-qualified loan amount, we’ll help you determine which one of our Willow Bend homes is right for your family and your budget, and if you qualify, assist you via our Pay it Forward program.

Expand your buying power in Willow Bend.

If your family’s household income is less than 80% of Northwest Arkansas’ median family income, then you may qualify for assistance in your journey toward the dream of homeownership in the Willow Bend neighborhood.

Based on the number of people in your family, use the simple chart below to identify whether your household income is below the amount that may qualify you for our innovative Pay it Forward homebuyer assistance program.

Family Size Income
1 person $41,950
2 people $47,950
3 people $53,950
4 people $59,900
5 people $64,700
6 people $69,500
7 people $74,300
8 people $79,100


We know you have more questions.

Homeownership is a big step, and we know you have many more questions about the details. You can refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page for more details, or better yet contact us for personal assistance.

We look forward to having you as a new neighbor!